Boys: So you want to play volleyball in college...

We have a wealth of information and resources to help you navigate the collegiate recruiting process.  

Division1 VBC Collegiate Recruiting Guidelines - An overview of information on the recruiting process, timeline of events, sample email to coach, sample player bio, video production tips, etc.

Understanding the Levels of Collegiate Men's Volleyball - A comparison of the various levels of collegiate play along with some guidelines on determining the right fit for you

2015 Men's Collegiate Volleyball Contact List - This is a comprehensive list of all the schools in the country offering collegiate men's volleyball (across all levels).  In it you will find coach contact information, links to the school website, etc.  The list grows and changes often, so double-check all info on the program's website before sending emails.  

Recruitment Questionnaire - Players who want further advice on the college recruiting process are required to complete this questionnaire and scan/email back to Derek at  This information will help us provide you with the best guidance.  We will set up phone conferences after we receive your completed questionnaire. 

Notes on Paid Recruiting Services:

There are several services out there that offer paid support/guidance with the recruiting process.  Many players will begin by creating a free online profile with them, where after their sales reps will contact you to upgrade to a paid membership (upwards of $800-$2500).  The most misleading piece of info we believe they provide is that their service is ESSENTIAL for getting recruited, and that having a membership with them gives you credibility with the college coaches that you wouldn’t have otherwise.  We find this to be simply untrue.  Many coaches we know say they prefer to hear from the PLAYER DIRECTLY rather than from a paid third party.   In response to many questions we field about these paid recruiting services, we provide the following:

  • We are fortunate in our club to have a direct link to many current and former collegiate coaches who are in a great position to give you an accurate recommendation on where you fit athletically at the college-level.  Further, our coaches know many of the college coaches personally, so their referrals will come highly regarded.
  • Men’s collegiate volleyball is a relatively small community (compared to most other sports), so navigating your options is very do-able with some effort! 
  • Begin by developing a list of volleyball programs you want to pursue, talk with your club coaches about your choices and narrow them down to a list with three categories: “reach” schools (or “dream” schools that you are unlikely to get in or be accepted on the team), “realistic” schools (you have a good chance academically and athletically), and “safety” schools (ones you feel very confident you can get in and be accepted to their team).  Email those coaches directly with all the necessary info (see the above links for more on this), and follow up with those coaches periodically to ask whether they have interest in you. Added value can also come from having your club coaches or directors reach out to your top schools of interest and make recommendations for you. This is really all you need to get the ball rolling in the right direction! 

Additional Resources