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Tryouts F.A.Q.

D1 Tryouts - Frequently Asked Questions

Each new season brings a lot of opportunity and excitement, but also a lot of questions! Here are some of the most common questions we receive before tryouts - if you don't see an answer to your question, please feel free to email Derek at!

Q: "How many Elite/Regional teams will there be? How many cuts will you be making?"

A: We will always field as many competitive teams as we can without sacrificing any individual's training experience. We have never been, nor will we become a club that takes on teams that we cannot train responsibly. 

Q: "Are teams selected during tryouts?"

A: No, teams are not selected during the tryout process - this evaluation is only used to determine program placement. Teams will be formed over the first few weeks of practice as we monitor the athletes and continue to make our assessments. 

Q: Can I make Regional if I tryout for Elite? 

A: Yes, each athlete that is not offered a spot in our Elite Program will be considered for Regional. 

Q: "What time is practice, and which days will we practice on?"

A: Final schedules will be determined after tryouts, when our total number of teams is confirmed. We anticipate Mon/Wed or Tu/Th, from 6-8pm for our younger teams and 8-10 for the older groups. 

Q: "Now that tryouts are over, when can we expect to hear back with results?"

A: We always do our best inform each family as quickly and efficiently as possible, and our typical window for getting results out for each program is around 12 hours - sometimes sooner, rarely later!