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Welcome To MOD Volleyball

A Modern Approach To Volleyball

We've been looking forward to this moment since we first announced our merger, and we couldn't be more excited to share our new club with everyone - we believe it's time for a modern approach to volleyball, and are proud to welcome you to MOD VBC! A lot of thought went into this process from start to finish, and we'll unpack some of the major moments of that journey through this message to help each of you get to know our new brand and how we landed where we did. We hope you're all excited to dive in!


From setter training to social media, mental skills to team selection - everything we do has a METHOD behind it. There is no aspect of the club experience we take lightly, and we work each day to build a complete, robust, and effective program for our athletes. Training is built at the season level first, then engineered to get the most out every minute of practice. Our staff has been structured to provide expertise and attention to all facets of our organization. At MOD, our methods will always lead the way!


A new organization, a new season, a new OPPORTUNITY. At MOD, we believe that players with diverse backgrounds, varying experience, and unique goals should all be able to excel. A core part of the MOD training experience is teaching our athletes to recognize opportunities both on and off the court, while equipping them with the tools needed take full advantage. With this merger, we know that the opportunities for our community will be at an all time high, and can't wait to see our athletes flourish!


Our third pillar is what really ties everything together. You can have the perfect methods that create endless opportunity, but the final piece will always be each individual's DRIVE to excel. At MOD, we see drive as the step beyond motivation - it's not simply a desire to grow and improve, it signifies a hunger for it. There will always be a reason why your situation isn't perfect, or a story why tomorrow will be the day you really start... But those with the drive to set excuses aside and improve each day will always find a home at MOD!

Now that all of the new details are finally out in the open, we want to express that this club is just as much YOURS as it is ours! All of the reasons we've listed above or ideals that we've held over the years as separate organizations didn't come out of nowhere - they came from each of you. Our dedicated athletes and families are what drive us to be at our best, and our arrival at this identity for the new club is due in large part to your influence on how we've grown and adapted over the years.

To our Wildcat Juniors and Division1 Families, we could not be more grateful to each of you for being a part of this adventure, and at the end of the day all of this boils down to the single most important reason we are here - to provide a meaningful, memorable club volleyball experience to our athletes and families. Welcome to the #MODSquad - it's going to be an exciting first year!!