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Private Lessons

Private Lessons - Stay A Step Ahead Of The Game!

Depending on coach and facility availability, we offer the opportunity for players to take part in private and small group lessons. Please contact our Supplemental Training Manager, Peter Maniscalco, at to check for openings and schedule your lesson once your purchase is complete! 

Private Lessons - $100/1hr: Click here to register now!

Our coaching staff works hands-on with the athlete, helping them set goals and develop at the appropriate rate. Private lessons are an excellent resource for athletes of all levels, whether you are just getting started with the basics or have been competing at a high level for a few years. Our trainers will work with you 1 on 1 to ensure that you get the reps and feedback needed in order to elevate your level of play.  

Small Group Lessons - $50/1hr per athlete: Click here to register now!

Similar to our Private Lessons, but athletes can train with up to six of their friends or teammates. These sessions are a great opportunity to hone in on specific connections and interactions with teammates - just let us know what you want to focus on and we will design a plan that fits your group's specific needs. One of the best ways to build a strong culture and cohesion in a team is through training together!