A Sneak Peek into our Email Inbox...

Andrea – I can’t tell you what a fantastic experience D1 was for us. The team, the organization, the quality of the play, the improvement over the season…it could not have gone better.

Jim’s enthusiasm for the club and the team was a joy to behold. You are doing a fantastic job running the club. I so regret that he only got one year with you. The picture that you sent of Jim with his team during one of the tournaments was immediately blown up to an 8 x 11, framed and put in his room before he even got back from the tournament. It sits in the middle of his dresser. That says it all.

I wish you the very best in achieving your goals with D1. I know Jim wishes you the same. Whatever your goals are are, you are on your way as long as your management stays strong. It would be great if you could “bottle it” and sell it everywhere.
Just a comment- I watched practice last night and saw more training and attention to detail then I’ve seen in years at other clubs. Both coaches were relentless in redirecting poor or incorrect habits that hopefully will become natural and reflex moves. Know that other parents feel the same way. The kids in my car were exhausted and happy to be playing on D1. Your swell of support is growing. No reply needed, keep it up.
We received our evaluation. Have to tell you I am so impressed with D1. You do a fantastic job. Wish we had started with you years ago. Thanks for all you do it’s been a great season.
Coach Brendan’s fun personality was very effective for boys just starting club vb. It was very evident that he enjoyed his work with them. He had the perfect balance of keeping it fun but respecting the hard work necessary to be successful. He was always very happy and always on time. He gave my son tons of coaching pointers and instruction. He coached my son on almost every play. He never got upset but got real excited when the boys did well. Coach Brendan helped turn my son into a confident player who now knows he has tons of potential. We will always be greatful for the role Brendan played in his improved confidence and skill.
I’ve been traveling the last few tournaments and unable to thank you all in person, so I wanted to let you know how much I appreciated the complete package you all delivered. From organization to team work to the “best damn coaching staff” anyone can imagine, you all delivered more than you said you would at the first meeting or tryouts. My son has developed more this year (I attribute this to the coaching staff completely), than any two or three years in the past. Not only his physical ability but his mental awareness and elegance to the coaches. I think the team’s success was extraordinary. Know that the other parental conversations mirror these. The D1 parents are very vocal to other teams parents about what you all have accomplished in a very short time. You have your own Field of Dreams thing going. You built it and we came. I hope next year the tryouts for D1 have to be two days because of overcrowding. Please pass this along to the other coaches. Thanks, Your #1 Fan