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D1 "Work From Home" Options

NOTE: Always Check With Your Family Before Viewing Content Online!

What to Watch/Listen to:


Skills/Highlight Videos:




Personal Improvement Activities:

  • Set up a mental skills conference call with Rob or Maor
  • Appreciate the things you have! Write an essay on what sports mean to you and how they impact your life. D1 will be giving out some prizes to our top submissions - send to if you want in!
  • Reach out to a mentor/coach (with your parents copied in) and ask some questions.
  • Ask a family member to tell you a story about their sports experiences. 
  • Call a teammate to learn more about them.
  • Create a workout or volleyball instructions video.
  • Write Thank You notes to a teacher, coach, or just someone that inspires you.
  • Build a workout music playlist.

Mental Skills Introduction

Spot the D1 Coach:

Loyola WVB "What's in the Box?":

Work on your Recruiting search: