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Youth Program

Co-ed Youth Program - March Season Now Available!

Our Youth Program is back! Designed to help acclimate new athletes with basics of volleyball, this program is geared towards boys and girls between 3rd and 6th grade. Our trainers will break down the fundamentals of volleyball in an atmosphere that promotes learning proper technique early, plenty of physical activity, and of course tons of fun and games as we introduce new concepts that will help these athletes adapt to their transition into our middle school programs! 

Youth Program Details

  • Season Length: Our March season will consist of five training dates. Participants are able to register for all five sessions, or pick and choose which dates they would like to attend out of the full schedule. 
  • Practice Schedule: 
    • February 29th
    • March 7th
    • March 14th
    • March 21st
    • March 28th 
  • Practice Length: 1hr per practice, from 10:00-11:00am
  • Practice Location: Fairview South School (7040 Laramie Ave, Skokie)
  • Tournaments: There are no tournaments in this season, we focus solely on skill development and learning the game. That being said, plenty of game-like drills and scenarios will be incorporated into our practice plans!
  • Price: $90 for all five sessions, or $20 per session if you prefer to choose sessions individually. We have opted to add this flexibility into our registration so that this season can fit comfortably within your schedule. 
  • Registration: Click here to sign up! 

We can't wait to get started helping all of our new athletes learn the game that we love! If you have any questions about our youth program, please feel free to contact Derek at

Is This Program Right For Me?

If you are:

  • New to volleyball or have minimal experience
  • Busy and need a lower level of commitment 
  • Looking to take more time learning essential skills rather than competing in tournaments

..Then our Youth Program will be a great fit for you!

If you are:

  • Experienced with the basic skills of volleyball
  • Confident in your knowledge of game concepts like rotations
  • Looking for a more fast-paced, competitive environment

..Then our Boys or Girls Middle School Programs could be a better fit for you! 

Ultimately, both programs focus heavily on building fundamentals and preparing our athletes for the elite and high school levels of play, but operate with slightly different pacing. Feel free to reach out to us with any questions or concerns if you are having a hard time deciding on the right fit for your athlete!